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Anonymous asked: Thanks for creating wolfnote. You're a great song writer

Hey that’s really nice. It wasn’t all me though!

Anonymous asked: Hope you enjoy Iron Mind on the tour, One of the best bands here in Australia. Nicest dudes!

I think we met or played with them when we were in Australia

Anonymous asked: Stoked for the tour! Tell James to put the Ski Mask on!


Anonymous asked: Which Harm's Way contains explicit sxe lyrical meaning?

A lot of en

Anonymous asked: Mega pumped you guys are playing before backtrack. That means I can see you guys kill it and not have to sit through a set of generic hardcore


Anonymous asked: I'm late But what was that slipknot song you and your gf were jamming in that video?

Spit it out

new-beginnings17 asked: I'm so excited for the life and death tour that I'm gonna kiss your mouth when I see y'all. Okay? Okay.

Please do not kiss me

horribleharp asked: So stoked for the Life & Death tour. It's going to be killer.

Can’t wait!

thesamesonx asked: North Carolina! Harms way is one of my favorite bands, so I'm stoked to finally see you guys

Fuck yeah! Awesome

thesamesonx asked: So you july fourth buddy!!!!

Where’s that date?

This is our summer.

This is our summer.

Anonymous asked: How's the set list for Easter looking?

Full of hymns

Anonymous asked: you two are totes adorbz


bachelorsgrove asked: That Slipknot video still makes me laugh after the 40th time